dark site

Photo project about how the darknet has changed drug crime in Russia

In Russia, more than a quarter of prisoners are serving sentences for drug-related crimes, which is why it has been dubbed the people's article. Most of the drugs are now sold through online darknet stores, and then couriers hide them in secluded places in cities - leave “bundles”. Consumers receive coordinates and photos of the place. “Bundles” form another layer of the modern city, hidden from ordinary people, but existing for consumers, couriers and police officers.

For shooting I've used a broken digital camera, which deforms images. The darknet and a digital camera have one origin — the binary number system, the basis of all digital technologies and devices. In my opinion, this visual way emphasizes the deforming influence of drugs on the human personality and discloses relations between the darknet and us. The darknet casts its shadow on our world, deforming the familiar space of cities. Also, this visual approach accorded well with traditions of documentary photography. On one hand I don't develop my photos, all images are born inside the camera. On the other hand, it invites us to think about the nature of photographic images.

The distribution of drugs through the darknet was a technological revolution, expanding the range of consumers and simplifying purchases. The situation is exacerbated by extremely repressive legislation. Even for possession of a small amount of drugs, a person will be convicted of a serious crime, which will subsequently greatly complicate his resocialization. The lack of a well-established rehabilitation system and stigmatization by society only intensify the alienation of people with this experience.